Symply Too Good Cookbook 3


Symply Too Good Cookbook 3 is packed with recipes, photos and health tips.

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Pasta is such an easy meal to prepare but it’s the sauce that really gets us stuck when it comes to making something that’s low-fat AND tasty! Book 3 has some great all time favourites that will turn your next pasta dish into a low-fat tasty treat.

This book includes delightful recipes for Starters and Light Meals, Vegetables and Salads, Seafood, Chicken, Meat, Sauces for Pasta, Desserts and Baking.

Favourites from this book include:

  • French Toast
  • Mediterranean Pasta Sauce
  • Chickpea Falafels
  • Tahitian Atlantic Salmon
  • Chicken Laksa
  • Spicy Apricot Lamb Casserole

… and for something sweet,

  • Hummingbird Cake
  • Caramel Tarts
  • Tooty Fruity Squares

First published 2001, same great recipes with a fresh new look. Read more about what’s changed in this blog.

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