Bariatric Portion Control Plate (Melamine)


This plate guides you on the bariatric portion sizes for a main meal which is balanced in nutrients and controlled in calories.

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Why this plate? Because it is much more than a smaller plate with lines – the bariatric plate holds a measured portion.

The Portion Perfection Bariatric Plate, is a practical tool for those with a gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. The plate shows markings to guide the type of food to make up a main meal and the words around the plate relate to all the behaviours required to get the best food tolerance with your surgery and indicates the approximate aperture of the well adjusted band.

There’s an instruction booklet with the plate that describes how much of the plate to fill and how deep to fill it.

You might also like to purchase the portion bowl because not everything you eat goes on a plate – think cereal and snacks, and there’s a Bariatric Portion Perfection book with pictures of realistic portions for your bariatric needs.

Melamine is not suitable for microwave heating, or for the serving of very high temperature foods such as fried foods and boiling soups.

Melamine Product Care Tips: • Cleaning should take place promptly and on a regular basis to avoid staining. • Do not use harsh or abrasive cleansers, steel wool, or metal pot scrubbers/scouring pads to clean. • Use only plastic pads or plastic-type bristle scrubbers to remove dried food. • Do not use chlorine bleach or chlorine-based products on melamine products. • For best results, use a high-alkaline base solution for regular dishwashing.