8 Week Weight Loss Journal


The Weight Loss Journal is a glossy, pocket-sized record with tips and hints. Fun and easy to use, and designed to be very effective for weight loss. Keep track of your food each day with this handy little book.

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Symply Too Good 8 Week Weight Loss Journal features:

  • 8 week food journal
  • Progress Chart
  • Sample Menu day
  • FREE recipe
  • Healthy Dinner Plate
  • Get your heart rate up
  • Stay hydrated
  • Why count Fats and Kilojoules?
  • Weight Loss Chart
  • Fats and Kilojoules Guide

And so much more.

“One of the key methods that helped me lose 35 kilos and keep it off for over 15 years was keeping a record of everything that I ate and drank for a few weeks every now and then. I still to this day write a diary of my food occasionally. Doing this can quickly show you if I you are overeating or where you may be going wrong. Ignorance is not bliss which is why you will get real results fast with this fabulous little book with loads of tips, support and a great way to get real results fast.”

Annette Sym