Big Breakfast book 3

Big Breakfast

An old-fashioned fry up with a new healthy spin. A Big Breakfast can be part of a healthy eating plan when done the Annette Sym way.

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Chinese Omelette book 5

Chinese Omelette

Looking for an easy lunch or light dinner that’s high in nutritional value? My Chinese Omelette provides a delicious meal on days when you’re short on time.

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Curry Tuna Risoni book 7

Curry Tuna Risoni

My Curry Tuna Risoni recipe was inspired by the good old Rice A Riso from the ’80’s. Lots of great flavours come together to make this simple recipe.

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Deluxe Potato Salad book 4

Deluxe Potato Salad

By using sweet potato in this salad the glycaemic index is lowered. Enjoy the fresh fabulous flavours of my Deluxe Potato Salad as a side dish.

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French Toast book 3

French Toast

French Toast brings back childhood memories of a special Sunday treat. This version has all the taste but is much lower in fat than the traditional version.

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Fruit Balls book 7

Fruit Balls

Want something sweet that’s not going to blow the calorie budget? My Fruit Balls are a low GI sugar fix. Enjoy two as a snack.

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Fruit De Light book 1

Fruit De Light

It’s unlikely you’ll find a tastier, lower calorie or lower fat dessert anywhere. This was my go-to dessert when I was losing my weight. Enjoy!

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Hamburgers sound harmless enough but don’t be fooled, especially by the drive-through options. Enjoy my guilt-free delicious homemade Hamburgers instead.

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Honey Soy Salmon Cookbook 6

Honey Soy Salmon

I normally eat salmon once a week and when I wrote this recipe it quickly became my favourite way to enjoy this tasty fish. You must try this recipe, it’s so good! Slice fresh lemon grass just like you do shallots but if you don’t have fresh, then buy the one in the jar.

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Mexican Beef Slice book 7

Mexican Beef Slice

Take your taste buds to Mexico with my Mexican Beef Slice. Freeze leftovers for a delicious meal on days when you don’t feel like cooking.

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