Cory’s story

Cory Vincent after losing weight

Hi Cory here,

A lot of people are surprised that even though I work away from home I have been able to lose 20 kilos. I couldn’t have achieved all that I have without the help and support of my beautiful wife Arlene who inspired me to lose weight. In the book I touched on how Arlene has also lost weight. She loves cooking Annette’s recipes and says “the recipes are so easy to follow” and I have to admit they really do taste delicious. She looks great and is happier and more confident. So we have both had a positive change in our lives…it’s just “Symply Too Good To Be True”.

Cory and Arlene Vincent before their amazing weight lossWhen Annette spoke with me about being in the book she asked what helped keep me on track to get to my goal weight.

I came up with a list of 5 things:

1.    Meal time – When it came time for meals, especially when I was away, I would ask myself “What is the best choice I can make here?”. So this meant I would often choose the chicken breast and ask for any sauces to either be left off or put on the side. Chips and potato were something that I felt wasn’t good for me so I would fill my plate with lots of vegetables or salad. I say keep it simple.
2.    Weigh in – I kept tabs on my weight, so if I knew I had made some bad choices I always kept an eye on what the scales were telling me. I wasn’t obsessed but it helped keep me on track.
3.    The gym – Once I started losing a bit of weight it was a great motivation to ‘see’ results at the gym. My work has a small set up and I found this really helpful. Once I started to see some muscle definition it really spurred me on to keep going.
4.    Alcohol – It’s no secret that I like a beer after a hard day’s work. I decided early on not to deny myself a beer but I did set myself a limit and stick to it.
5.    A pat on the back – I often remind myself of how well I have done. I would recommend that you look at what you have achieved so you keep a positive attitude.

The best advice I can give anyone wanting to lose weight is to make the decision and stick with it. Do it for you! I feel great and my only regret is not doing it sooner.