Super sandwich ideas

Super sandwich ideas from Symply

10 great tips for making healthy sandwiches

Australians, young and old, love a sanga! The secret to making a sandwich both interesting and healthy is to use really fresh bread and include a variety of fresh ingredients. If making ahead be sure to cover them in cling wrap until ready to serve. Whether you’re making these for workday lunches or for a treat for guests the following list of sandwich ideas will ensure they’re a winner every time.

  1. Use multigrain or whole meal breads as they are lower GI.
  2. For something a little different try focacia, pita, kebab, pannini or Turkish breads.
  3. Spread with low-fat margarine or avocado; avocado is a healthy fat and adds a delicious creamy texture.
  4. Avoid high salt, high fat deli meats. Instead bake chicken and remove the skin or use leftover roast lamb, pork or beef.
  5. Tinned pink salmon is terrific on a sandwich (lower in fat than red salmon), make sure you crush the bones into the fish for added calcium benefits. Tuna in brine or in spring water is better for you than tuna in oil.
  6. Use low fat cheese in moderate amounts; I prefer Bega Super Slim slices.
  7. Egg and lettuce sandwiches are always popular; for a healthier version mash the egg with a little low fat mayonnaise or skim milk. A sprinkle of curry powder will enhance the flavour.
  8. Include plenty of guilt free salad ingredients to bulk up the fillings.
  9. Use only low fat; whether it’s mayonnaises, spreads such as hommus or sundried tomatoes, choose the lowest fat option.
  10. If using any ‘wet’ ingredients be sure to drain well before adding to the sandwich to avoid the dreaded soggy bread.

For more great sandwich ideas check out my Sandwich Fillings in Symply Too Good Cookbook 5.

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