How to make healthy low fat omelettes

Healthy low fat Ham and Cheese Omelette

So much more than just a breakfast option and so easy to make

I love an omelette and I don’t think it’s only a breakfast choice. Most times we have eggs in the fridge so they’re a great go-to on those nights when you want a quick easy dinner, just add a slice of grainy toast on the side and you’ve got a healthy light meal. The word omelette is French but if you look back in history many countries claim they invented omelettes. So here in Australia I’ve created my healthy low fat omelettes 😊

I do have a few tricks up my sleeves when it comes to making the perfect omelette because I’ve learnt how to make low fat versions that work a treat.

One large egg has around 6 grams of fat, so if you use 3 eggs to make an omelette that’s 18 grams of fat before you add anything else to the mix. This is why I use mostly egg white when I make my omelettes. The egg whites contain no fat, they make a great omelette and you won’t know the difference.


Here’s my egg white omelette method

1. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form.

2. Use a metal spoon to fold in other ingredients, such as diced 97% fat free ham and grated low fat cheese. This will give you a reasonably fluffy omelette, but it may flatten slightly if you add vegetables.

NB: Fry off the onion, capsicum, celery etc before folding through omelette mix.

3. Don’t flip the omelette over. Place the omelette, still in the fry pan, under a preheated griller to finish cooking the top.


For a more traditional-style omelette

1. Beat the eggs together, add a small amount of milk and season with pepper

2. Spread the mix over the base of a heated non-stick fry pan, cook until the outer edge starts to set

3. Place filling over half of the omelette then, once the base has cooked, fold the half with no filling over the top. When fully cooked, carefully lift onto a dinner plate and serve.


Here are 3 tips for perfect omelettes every time:

  1. Use a good quality non-stick fry pan to prevent the egg mix from sticking.
  2. Spray the base of the fry pan with cooking spray. It’s common with a traditional omelette to melt a large dob of butter over the pan before pouring mix into the pan – this increases the saturated fats considerably and is not a healthy option.
  3. Don’t have your pan too hot or the omelette will burn. A moderate heat is the way to go.


Watch me make my Mediterranean Omelette

In my Mediterranean Omelette I use 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs which makes a large omelette for 2 people. This makes a really great lunch or light dinner.

Watch the video above to learn how to make one of my delicious healthy low fat omelettes – it’s my Mediterranean Omelette from my latest cookbook – MORE Cooking for 1 or 2 people.

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Where to find the recipes

If you need a recipe to follow, there are 3 deliciously healthy recipes in my cookbooks. Try my Ham and Cheese Omelettebook 3, Chinese Omelettebook 5, and my Mediterranean Omelette from MORE Cooking for 1 or 2 people.

Now that you know how easy healthy low fat omelettes are to make, I wonder, will you include the occasional omelette on your dinner menu?

Pictured recipe: My healthy low fat Ham and Cheese Omelette from the breakfast section in book 3.

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