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  • Winter Warmer eBook

    Winter Warmer eBook


    About this product


    Do you struggle to lose weight in winter? 
    My new WINTER WARMER EBOOK has the solutions you need. 
     Complete with 14 Day Weight Loss Menu Plan
     20 recipes including 4 unpublished recipes
     45 Pages of practical tips, inspiration and support for winter 

    The 14 Day Menu Plan includes my Premium Breakfast Shakes as an optional breakfast. To order these go to my Breakfast Shake website HERE


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Just want to tell you once again how fantastic your cookbooks are. I made the Chicken Pomodoro from book 6 for a dinner party last night . Not only was it easy to make it looked great and tasted amazing. I must say all the books are great and not like some cook books that may have 1 or 2 good recipes, all your recipes are easy and delicious.
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